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+44 7788 247 142
NW3 London, UK
Hi there! My name is Jens Driller.
I'm a <web> and mobile developer from Germany, currently living in London, UK.

I'm passionate about coding for the WWW and developing apps for mobile devices. I enjoy experimenting with cutting edge and emerging web technologies to keep up-to-date in this fast and ever developing branch.

I'm currently working as an Android Developer @ zeebox in the beautiful Covent Garden in Central London.

When I'm not coding, I'm probably hanging out with my girlfriend, working out at the gym, playing football or messing around with the little green robot or something made by Steve Jobs.

Here are some more facts about me:
  • Born in Paderborn, Germany
  • Can tip the ball 100 times
  • Google Enthusiast
  • Loves Electronic Music

work experience


Android Developer

period: October 2012 - Present

Full-time Software Engineer

Web Developer

dSpace dSPACE Inc.
period: February 2010 - April 2010

This project was about developing a web frontend for a news database with particular emphasis on usability aspects. It was based on ColdFusion, AJAX and MS SQL. Unfortunately, there is no link available since it was an internal frontend.

technical skills

Web Development

jQuery / jQuery UI / jQuery Mobile

Call me a jQuery Fanatic. For me, this is the #1 JavaScript framework out there. Take a look at Social Web Search, one of my latest jQuery Mobile projects.


I'm able to write modern HTML5 and CSS3 code.


Proficiency in server-side scripting with PHP. Profound knowledge of MySQL and Oracle database language.

Mobile Development

Java / Android Development

I've been coding in Java for 5 years now and I love building Android apps! Deep knowledge of the Android API and Eclipse IDE. My favourite frameworks? GSON, Acra & ActionBarSherlock!

iOS Development

I like coding in Objective-C and using XCode to build iOS apps because it's so different to Android development.

Other Relevant Skills

XML, xPath
ColdFusion, J2ME
WordPress, Webserver Administration

my latest work

A lot of my recent stuff is open-source.
Check out my GitHub Profile!
zeebox is a 2nd screen TV companion app and social networking platform that provides contextual and live information as you watch TV. It includes remote control features, audio content recognition, TV Rooms and other cool stuff. Check it out on GooglePlay:  USA - United Kingdom - Ireland - Australia
Social Web Search
Social Web Search
This mobile web app is based on jQuery Mobile and allows users to search for people and public posts published on the three main social networks Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
Content Provider Helper
Content Provider Helper
This Android app is one of the tools I have originally written for myself to aid the developing process. It helps you to discover and query content providers.
This iOS app is a client for Yahoo's famous online photo sharing platform Flickr.
JD Backup & Restore
JD Backup & Restore
This Android app was part of my Master studies. It enables the user to backup important personal data like SMS, MMS or call logs, system settings and installed applications. Backups can be stored in the cloud (Dropbox) and restored on another device. This app will hit the PlayStore soon! Stay tuned!


2011 - 2012  University Of Kent
  • Degree: Master of Science Mobile Application Design
  • Location: Canterbury, UK
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Courses:
    • Mobile Web Development
    • iPhone Application Design
    • Human Computer Interaction For Mobiles
    • Object-Oriented Programming (Java)
    • Economics of the Electronic Marketplace
    • Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems
2010 - 2011  Southampton Solent University
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science Web Development
  • Location: Southampton, UK
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Courses:
    • Emerging Web Technologies
    • Human Computer Interaction
    • Mobile Software Applications and Architecture
    • Software Systems Development
2008 - 2010  B.I.B. Internation College
  • Degree: Media Informatics & Design
  • Location: Paderborn, Germany
  • Duration: 2 Years


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NW3 London
United Kingdom
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